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Saturday, November 26, 2005

Allawi Being Too Honest

Asharqalawsat newspaper is commencing a series on the ‘memoirs’ of ex-PM Ayad Allawi, who is running for the December elections.

The newspaper is Saudi owned. During last the election cycle, another Saudi-owned media outlet, Al-Arabiya TV, ran so many segments on Allawi that earned it the moniker “Al-Allawiya TV.”

Ma’an Fayadh, who is usually based in London, is conducting the interviews with Allawi. Fayadh entered Iraq in April 2003 along with the late Majid Al-Khoei, who was flown into Najaf as part of a CIA operation. Fayadh’s recent reporting on the run-up to elections has been ‘sympathetic’ towards the Allawi camp. Allawi was a long-time CIA asset. Go ahead, be my guest, and put two and two together.

Maybe this is a good time to re-read Sy Hersh’s article in last July’s issue of the New Yorker: Did Washington try to manipulate Iraq’s election?

In today’s interview, Allawi is vowing to come out clean and tell the world the truth.

But his party’s website may be too truthful for his own good: the section “Allawi’s Achievements” rings up a total blank. So does the section “The Top Cadres of the Party.”

Maybe someone should write-up some ‘filler’ content; Fayadh seems pliable and up to the task. Hey, I’m just being helpful here.


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