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Thursday, November 24, 2005

"Locally Led Nascent Peace"

Remember President Bush’s Inaugural Address last January? Remember when he said all those ‘lofty’ things about democracy and freedom? And how it is America’s mission to bring liberty to the Middle East?

Well, apparently, the State Department has decided that the ceiling for these goals is too high, and the U.S. government should aim lower as it tries to rebuild Iraq and Afghanistan. The new term for this policy shift is ‘Locally Led Nascent Peace.’

In the lands of Nascent Peace, we don’t label anti-democracy forces as ‘terrorists,’ but rather they are ‘resistors’ and ‘rejectionists’ who can be brought over to the political process by dialogue. This was the gist of the Cairo conference. Democracy is too difficult of a concept for these towel-heads; the best that can be hoped for is that they stop clubbing each other to death. It appears there has been a policy shift.

The Bush administration seemingly supports this ‘exit’ strategy. They want out of Iraq, and are now content to turn Iraq into yet another Middle Eastern autocracy; they are keeping their fingers crossed for a Mubarak-like regime rather than a ‘mullah-cracy’. But hey, you don’t always get what you wish for…This harried approach is producing all sorts of disastrous blunders.

So instead of “Ma’am, your son gave his life for Operation Enduring Freedom,” the headstones in Arlington National Cemetery would be etched with the words ‘Operation Locally-Led Nascent Peace.’

And what do we say to all those Iraqis and Afghans who are braving all sorts of dangers to make it to the ballot box? “Your little elections don’t matter as much as the midterm gubernatorial elections next year…After all it’s going to be tight race for governor of Rhode Island.”

Ladies and Gentlemen, watch out for this term: ‘Locally Led Nascent Peace.’ It sets a whole new benchmark for shameful cowardice.


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