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Sunday, December 04, 2005

AFP: Ba'athists To Be Purged From Electoral Lists

The Independent Electoral Commission of Iraq has finally relented to the demands of the Higher National Commission for De-Ba'athification: electoral blocks running for the December 15 elections have one more week to either remove the name of a suspected Ba'athist or seek an exemption from the de-ba'athification commission. The latter recourse is unlikely to happen; expect this to turn very ugly. Of course, if you're a Ba'athist on Chalabi's list, you will probably get off the hook by the Chalabi-dominated commission. No worries for Muzahim Al-Tamimi, candidate for Basra, and Adnan Al-Juheishi, candidate for Hillah.

Nearly 150 Iraqi candidates may be eliminated for Baath links

Agence France Presse

Sun Dec 4, 9:38 AM ET

Baghdad (AFP)- Nearly 150 candidates for Iraq's December 15 legislative election could be barred from running due to their links to the Baath party of former dictator Saddam Hussein, an electoral official said.

"The electoral law requires us to reject all candidates involved in de-Baathification," an official from the electoral commission said, referring to the process of rooting out the members of the former ruling party.

"The commission met with the de-Baathification council and gave them a list of candidates to check to see if any of them were affected," he said, adding that the council had identified 150 possible candidates.

"We informed their political parties and gave them three days to respond, either to change the candidate or get an exemption from the council," he said.

So far, though, no parties have responded, and the commission member said they have one more week.

"If at that point we have no response, the candidate will be eliminated," he said.

On Tuesday, the commission will publish the list of nominations for each party.


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