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Friday, December 02, 2005

Chechnya Alert, Plus New Al-Qaeda Message

The jihadist websites are chattering about the death of Jihadi commander in Chechnya, Abu Omar Al-Sayf (Abu Omar Muhammad Bin Abdullah Al-Sayf, Head of the Appeals Court in Chechnya), during a fire fight with Russian troops today. The Jamestown Foundation is usually good about these things, but nothing on their website yet. Al-Sayf has a couple of publications about jihad on the web.

Plus, Al-Qaeda in Iraq (Zarqawi) has put out a 44 minute audio yesterday titled "Elections are the path of criminals," in the voice of Abu Hamza Al-Baghdadi, a rising star in Al-Qaeda's Oratory Corps. It was put out by Abu Maysarah Al-'Iraqi, which makes it credible. My initial overview would suggest that Zarqawi is saying that he is not pro-elections. I'll post a closer analysis when I feel like listening to this gibberish. Cool sound effects, though. Running water, soothing. Oops, gotta go.


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