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Thursday, December 01, 2005

Communiqué No. 1

The Iraqi government is launching an investigation into Ayad Allawi’s attendance of a review of new military recruits, according to Elaph today. No officials from Iraq’s Defense Ministry were in attendance, and protocol would prohibit Allawi, whose official standing is limited to being a member of the National Assembly and an ex-Prime Minister, from gracing such events. Ahmad Chalabi, Deputy Prime Minister and Allawi rival, quickly held a press conference announcing the investigation, and warning of the politicization of the army and a “return to the era of violent military takeovers.” Chalabi was probably referring to the Ba’ath Party’s former antics, which including leading two military coups in Iraq’s turbulent history. Allawi was a former member of the Ba’ath.

Allawi gave a stump speech at the ceremony, where he lamented the recent assassination of 36 former pilots in the Iraqi Air force who had partaken in the Iraq-Iran war.

Allawi has been blogging lately, sort of. Elaph promises to showcase a regular column from his pen (…or a staffer) in the run-up to the elections. His first contribution was an essay titled “Iraq: First and Foremost.” Allawi has also purchased advertising space on Elaph’s website.


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