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Friday, December 29, 2006

I feeeeeeeel good…I knew that I would…

RIP James Brown, and good riddance Saddam…

We are counting down the hours…and to anyone who knows about my pledge to quit smoking (…and smoke for one day of the year only, December 31st), let me tell you that I am going to light up a celebratory cigarette once I hear the news, and I refuse to be talked out of it.

On December 14, 2003, a Kalashnikov blew up in my face; I don’t know that much about firearms but wanted to celebrate Saddam's capture that day the Iraqi way: celebratory gunfire. By some minor miracle, nothing happened to me. I remember all those who came by my office to congratulate ourselves on that happy day; some of them since killed by insurgents.

My memories of them are with me always.

To all those who worked for this day and didn’t get a chance to witness it,

To all those who hoped for this day and didn’t get a chance to share it,

To all the victims of this horrible tyrant and his terrible thugs—may they face judgment too,

To all the good people of the world who understand the evil that was the Saddam regime and wish the Iraqi people well today,

You are all in my thoughts as I await the news of Saddam’s hanging.

كل إعدام وإنتم بخير


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got some fireworks set aside for the occasion... unfortunately it's raining here in Oklahoma!

On a side note, though- I am a bit miffed it's going to be on Eid. I know the whole "gift to Iraqis" thing, but at the same time I'd hate to see those who actually liked the guy note the day of Eid Al Adha as being his "martyrdom" day if you know what i mean. bleh.

By the way- just found this blog today. It's good, it's good! LOVED the Qarmati and Kizilbash info, I've always wanted to know more about them especially. Any book recommendations... I really enjoy reading about all the heterodox movements.

(by the way, I'm married to a Basrawi, we've got two girls. So of course, I love to hear more about Iraqi issues, historical stuff, etc.)

6:37 PM, December 29, 2006

Anonymous Ahmed said...

مبروك لنا و لكل من يحب العراق.

4:01 AM, December 30, 2006

Anonymous yessir said...

Congratulations to all those who prayed for this day to come! May God bless all the martyrs and the families of the martyrs of the now defunct Tikriti regime.

7:44 AM, December 30, 2006

Anonymous lester said...

my enemies are the neo cons. When this happensto them I'll celebrate. and they can join him in the fiery furnace

1:40 PM, December 30, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the cover of the Washington Post regarding Saddam's execution: "end to drama." No more drama indeed as Ms. Mary J. would say.

5:59 PM, December 30, 2006

Anonymous lester said...

anonymous- really?

“The west and the US bullies should take lessons from Saddam’s fate; his hanging is a new prelude for spread of Islam.”

^via IRNA

8:20 AM, December 31, 2006

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Hi leila.m,

Welcome to this blog. Hopefully I'll cover the 'schismatics' some more this year. You chose well: the people of Basra are the second best Iraqis--after Kadhmawis. Just stay clear of the Najafis. Kadhmawis would boycott paradise rather than share it with any Najafis ;)

Just a note to readers:

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi declared a military offensive to end with the final day of 'Eid. He nows speaks on behalf of groups like Al-Qaeda. And we were told that all hell will break loose when Saddam get's executed. So given the backlash and the 'offensive,' isn't it strange that violence levels have not spiked? What does that say about the insurgency and its momentum?



6:13 PM, January 04, 2007

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