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Friday, July 27, 2007

Reaffirming Al-Baghdadi’s Alleged Identity

Talisman Gate would like to affirm the following:

-‘Abu Omar al-Baghdadi’, the ‘Prince of the Faithful’ in Al-Qaeda’s Islamic State of Iraq, is not a fictitious character as he’s been repeatedly characterized by US officials and military officers.

-‘Abu Omar al-Baghdadi’ is the pseudonym used by Khalid Khalil Ibrahim al-Mashhadani, who should not to be confused with Khalid Abdel-Fattah Daoud al-Mashhadani, who allegedly told American interrogators that ‘Al-Baghdadi’ is a fictitious character after he was arrested on July 4.

-Khalid Abdel-Fattah Daoud al-Mashhadani, ‘Abu Shehed’, is not as senior in the hierarchy of the Islamic State of Iraq as claimed by US officials. He should not be confused with ‘Abu Muhammad al-Mashhadani’ who is the ‘Minister of Information’ for the Islamic State of Iraq. Abu Shehed’s first cousin, Adel al-Mashhadani, is more senior, for he leads Al-Qaeda’s battalions in the Fadel neighborhood.

-Talisman Gate would like to apologize for characterizing Tariq al-Hashemi, Iraq’s Vice-President, as a member of the Mashhadani clan; there is a notable sub-branch of the Mashhadani clan in Baghdad that uses the Hashemi surname, but Tariq al-Hashemi belongs to a branch of the same name with ethnic Turkmen roots.

Talisman Gate does not claim to have better intelligence than the professional Americans and Iraqis operating in Iraq, but I do trust my sources, and they are still adamant that what was released about ‘Abu Omar al-Baghdadi’ was inaccurate.

According to these sources, Al-Baghdadi is now hiding in the Niba’i area north of Baghdad.

The Islamic State of Iraq issued a communiqué on July 23 denying US claims that ‘Al-Baghdadi’ is a fictitious character (via al-Hesbah).


Blogger dick said...

Thanks for clarifying this. We need to be dealing with the truth even if, in this case, it's disappointing.

8:54 AM, July 28, 2007

Blogger bg said...




10:51 AM, July 30, 2007

Anonymous Mark E. said...

Thanks for providing the details from your sources.

I'd still love to do an interview with you for my site. Would it be possible to submit questions to you via email and have you answer them when you have time and then send them back?

Mark of www.regimeofterror.com

9:17 PM, August 03, 2007

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