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Thursday, May 21, 2009

More Mass Graves

This week's piece for Hudson-NY carries the title 'Iraq: Landscape of Mass Graves',

On May 13, news filtered out from the southern province of Diwaniya that the local authorities there had discovered a mass grave in the eastern end of the province containing what is projected to be 100 corpses. Initial reports, based on items of clothing and the state of decomposition, indicate that the victims, mostly women and children, were Kurds who had been transported from the north of the country and killed and buried there during the genocidal Anfal Campaign (1987-1988).

On Monday, the local bureau of the Ministry of Human Rights in Najaf declared that it will begin to exhume bodies from a single mass grave in the Qadissiya district, in the desert west of Najaf. It is estimated that 3000 victims of the Saddam regime, again mostly Kurds, will be found there, and there are expectations that some of the several hundred still missing Kuwaitis, who were abducted by the regime during its 1990 invasion, may be found in the vicinity too.
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Anonymous gj said...

Back in late 03 or early 04 I saw a BBC World documentary on efforts of a number of Kurds travelling to one of the Iraq provinces (I can't remember which) to find the remains of their families. It was very sad, because ultimately they weren't successful. So I hope, Nibras, that one of these sites is the one they were looking for.

It is a great pity that Prime Minister Maliki has not made an issue of these discoveries and shamed the UN into publicising them. As for the media - recalling the journalist who made a brief appearance here lamely defending his shilling for the Baath general --- it would be good if he could make another appearance to justify his lack of interest in the Baath war crimes?

And talking about the UN - has it established a presence in Baghdad yet to replace the one destroyed by the Baath insurgency in Auguist 2003?

5:11 PM, May 23, 2009

Anonymous gj said...

I also recall when the MNF and IA were making their push into Diwaniya province on 2007, they came across a comparatively new mass grave of ivilian victims of Alqeada in Iraq. The only journalist who reported it at length was Michael Yon. The MSM correspondents didn't want to know.

5:16 PM, May 23, 2009

Blogger Jaguar b. p. said...

And talking about the UN - has it established a presence in Baghdad yet to replace the one destroyed by the Baath insurgency in Auguist 2003?

I thought that was an operation by Tawheed wal Jihad. Why do you people lie compulsively about even the most insignificant stuff?

The only journalist who reported it at length was Michael Yon.

Yon is a former FoxNews propagandist, I wouldn't believe a word he says.

He should find the WMD instead. I assume you forgot that lie already?

The All-Glorious says:
Inna llaha laa yahdi man huwa musrifun kadhdhaab. Verily Allah guides not the transgressors and liars.

6:20 PM, May 23, 2009

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