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Thursday, December 08, 2005

'Tony' Goes All Out For Allawi

BANG! This story in Britain's The Independent by Patrick Cockburn portends a fantastic mess of acrimony when it breaks tomorrow. Basically, Tony Blair is covering up Ayad Allawi's alleged thievery so that the self-described ex-MI6 'favorite' would do well in the elections. Cockburn reports that the British ambassador in Iraq asked Allawi-rival Ahmad Chalabi to hold-off on publicizing cases of graft under Allawi's tenure until after the vote. The other 'Allawi' quoted in the report, current Minister of Finance Ali Abdel-Amir Allawi (ex-Minister of Trade, and then Defense during Governing Council days), is a second cousin of Ayad's and a nephew of Chalabi's.

Here's something unreported in the above story: in the voice tape of Ziad Cattan talking to Naer Jumaili, an allusion is made to kick-backs paid to then President Ghazi Al-Yawer. Al-Yawer is now Vice-President of Iraq and running on Allawi's slate for Nineveh Province.

BTW: Patrick Cockburn is a scuzzbucket for stealing Hannah Allam's breaking stories and passing them off as his own. Allam was Knight-Ridder's bureau chief in Baghdad, and currently heads KR's Middle East bureau out of Cairo.


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