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Monday, October 16, 2006

Imad Al-Far'oon Murdered Today in Baghdad

Imad Taklif Mubdir Aal-Far'oon, who was in his early 60s, was murdered today in Hai Al-Jami'a in Baghdad. His brother, Munqith Aal-Far'oon, is the lead prosecutor against Saddam in the Anfal Genocide trial.

The Far'oons are the chiefs of the Aal-Fatla tribe in Mishkhab, and their grandfather, Mubdir Aal-Far'oon, was one of the prominent leaders of the 1920 Revolt against the British.

Imad Aal-Far'oon was an affable lawyer with a wonderful sense of humor. He was brave and honest, and carried about him the confidence of a man secure in his secular and democratic convictions. Aal-Far'oon was a fierce opponent of the Ba'ath Party and Saddam's tyranny. He had never left Iraq during those dark years, and became a prominent political figure after the liberation of Iraq. He ran in the last elections as the lead candidate for the Iraqi National Congress in Najaf.

Aal-Far'oon was probably killed for the work being done by his brother, in a similar vein to the recent killings of the relatives of the presiding judge in Saddam's trial. This is reminiscent of the days when Saddam and his cronies would punish by death, torture and imprisonment all the loved one of the opponents to their regime.

It is a hard loss, and his vibrant and witty conversations will be missed. He died a martyr for the new Iraq of which he was proud. His memory will be honored, and his assailants will meet a grim end, soon.

Brother of Saddam Prosecutor Is Killed
Oct 16 10:39 AM US/Eastern

Associated Press Writer


The brother of the top prosecutor in the second trial of Saddam Hussein was shot dead in front of his wife at his home in the capital Monday, according to a key official charged insuring no former members of the Saddam regime hold positions of authority.

Imad al-Faroon died immediately after the shooting at his home in west Baghdad, Dr. Ali al-Lami, head of the government De-Baathification Committee, told The Associated Press.

Al-Faroon's brother is chief prosecutor Muqith al-Faroon, who is leading the Saddam prosecution on charges of crimes against humanity in his alleged killing of thousands of Kurds during the Iran-Iraq war.

A verdict against Saddam Hussein and seven co-defendants charged with crimes against humanity in connection with an anti-Shiite crackdown in the 1980s will be announced Nov. 5, a senior court official said on Monday.

Sentences for those found guilty will be issued the same day, chief investigating judge Raid Juhi told The Associated Press.

The former Iraqi leader could be hanged if convicted. However, he could appeal the sentence to a higher, nine-judge court. His co- defendants include his former deputy, Taha Yassin Ramadan, and his half-brother and former intelligence chief Barzan Ibrahim.

The trial began a year ago with the eight defendants facing charges arising from the deaths of nearly 150 Shiites from the town of Dujail after a 1982 assassination attempt against Saddam in the town north of Baghdad.

That trial adjourned July 27 to allow its five-judge panel to consider a verdict. The court was to have reconvened Monday to hear a verdict.

"The Dujail trial will resume Nov. 5 when the presiding judge will announce the verdict and the sentencing," Juhi said.

Saddam is the chief defendant in another trial, facing genocide charges in connection with a government crackdown in the 1980s against Iraqi Kurds. The prosecution alleges about 180,000 people died in that campaign.

Saddam, his cousin "Chemical" Ali al-Majid and five other co- defendants could face death by hanging if convicted.

Hearings in the second trial are to resume Tuesday.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

May he rest in peace.

Hassan J.

12:12 PM, October 16, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

May God bless his soul and all those who have been martyred for the sake of freedom and democracy in Iraq. Ameen.

4:52 AM, October 17, 2006

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