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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Parliament to Discuss Lifting Immunity From Leading Sunni Member

The Higher Judicial Council of Iraq has submitted a request yesterday to the Speaker's Office of the Iraqi Parliament to enact procedures lifting the parliamentary immunity from Sunni MP Abdul-Nasser al-Janabi, a member of the Tawafuq 'Consensus' Bloc, so that he'd face terrorism charges of enabling and sheltering insurgents near the southern town of Hilla.

Abdel-Nasser al-Janabi

Al-Janabi is one of the leading Salafists in the Iraqi Parliament, and had engaged in a shouting match last January with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki during a televised parliamentary session, in which Maliki accused Janabi of taking part in the abduction of 150 Shi'as who later ended up dead near Hilla.

A parliamentary source also confirmed that the Higher Judicial Council is preparing to bring forward a similar request against another high-profile Sunni parliamentarian, Muhammad al-Dayinni, who had recently collaborated on a slanted Channel 4 (UK) documentary about death squads at the Ministry of Interior that was full of uncorroborated information. Al-Dayinni also stands accused of aiding terrorists.

Yet due to heavy political pressure, the Higher Judicial Council seems unwilling to file yet another request against Adnan al-Duleimi, who has approximately 130 criminal complaints filed against him, his sons, and his bodyguards.

There is also an arrest warrant against one of Maliki's military advisors, Adnan Qassim, for executing two soldiers in the last days of the former regime when he was allegedly a commander in the Feda'iyeen Saddam militia. Maliki has held off the arrest pending the results of a investigative committee that he formed to look into these accusations against his advisor.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sometimes I wish I knew the answer to "what's the biggest problem in Iraq?" Mindful that there is no one answer, I think the closest answer is:

The problem with Iraq is the Sunnis' inability to recognize that Iraq is now under new managemnet, that a new order has been installed, that the Shi'a are there to stay. The acceptance of these facts by Iraq's Sunnis will surely improve the situation in Iraq

1:23 PM, March 08, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let me guess 95 Sunnis will be arrested and tried and five token Shia will be thrown in the mix.

The suicide bombers that attack Shia as well as Sunnis as we saw in the last week in three instances in Anbar do not represent the Sunni community. These are foreign Wahhibi monsters trying to destabilize Iraq and get the Shia to go after the Sunnis and cause a civil war.

And, the Shia leadership in Iraq is too freeking dumb to see it. The Sunnis are not the enemy. Islamic fanatics in both the Sunni and Shia communities as well as the forigners both Iranian and Wahhibi are the enemy.

Everytime al-Qaeda attacks the Shia it drives them closer to Iran. And, every time the Shia attack the Sunnis it drives them closer to al-Qaeda.

Iran and al-Qaeda benifit from each sectarian attack in Iraq and the Iraqi people lose from each attack.

8:24 PM, March 08, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wahabis may not be welcome in the Sunni triangle now, but for years, they were harbored by the Sunnis, hence the term Wahaba'thist, or did you forget that?

There is no one solution and if there is, I don't know it. What I do know is that at least part of the solution is for the Sunnis to begin the process of accepting things as they are..

9:21 AM, March 09, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

If there is one solution then it should begin with cursing at the Hashemite Kingdom of Prostitution, by which I mean Jordan.

2:31 PM, March 19, 2007

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