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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

More Allegations of Terrorism Against Top Sunni Politicians

A couple of weeks ago, members of the Deputy Prime Minister's security detail tried to blow up the man they were tasked to protect; at least two of Salam al-Zoba'i's bodyguards turned out to be Al-Qaeda infiltrators.

A short while before that, there was a move to strip Abdel-Nassir al-Janabi (Sunni) of his parliamentary immunity in order to face terrorism charges for the murder of over a hundred Shi'a civilians.

Today, a Talisman Gate source alleges that U.S. and Iraqi soldiers raided the home of top Sunni parliamentary leader, Khalaf 'Alayan, in the Yarmouk district only to find sizable amounts of TNT, detonators, heavy machine guns and raw footage material that had gone into earlier jihadist propaganda videos (...specifically the attack on the American mess hall in Mosul). Mr. 'Alayan is currently in Amman, Jordan.

And somebody still thinks it is a good idea to bring back the top Ba'athists from Saddam's olden days, no questions asked, by reversing De-Ba'athification. Yeah, that'll work out fine...


Anonymous Anonymous said...

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1:51 PM, April 03, 2007

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Hi gawad,

I am sure that you can say what you need to say without being crass. I hope the comments section becomes a forum for debate among serious people, and I certainly never intended for it to be reduced to a slander-fest between you and jaguar b.p. No opinions will be censored on this blog. But excessive swearing will get you deleted.

Have a nice day,


2:14 PM, April 03, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Mr. Kadhimi,

Nice to hear from you and I hope you are doing well. As you know, I am motivated only by love for Iraq and hatred for its enemies including Ba'athists, Wahhabis, Jordanians, and criminals and perverts of various types. I am sorry but sometimes I cannot control myself when certain people (no need for names) attack Iraq and proud and decent Iraqis because of their strange and murderous ideologies and foul upbringings, etc.

I will try not to swear excessively, but I may swear un-excessively if some certain unnamed criminal sympathizers who want to destroy our Iraq get me really worked up.

Thank you for your kind attention.

Have a nice day.

4:42 PM, April 03, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saw that video you posted earlier Nibraas, you're a really nice dude.
It's too bad we don't see things the same way though

You basically want a secular democratic Iraq, no Shari'a and no Ba'ath?
That is perfectly fine by me. But by opposing the insurgency at this stage, you are effectively supporting USA,
and they are the absolute worst of the 3.

Maybe you think of your alliance with America as a tactical, meaningless one, but they draw vast power from it.

Why not support the resistance until they break the back of the occupier, and then you can do whatever you want from there.
I think the Shi'a majority is also fed up with the occupation after 4 years. The Nazarenes are building 4 permanent bases and a billion dollar embassy complex
They do annoying stuff like fly American flags, as if it's a matter of nationalist conquest.

5:14 PM, April 03, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

And, how many Sadrists offices would you find TNT in or officals that are killers or working with killers would you find Nibras Kazimi if you look.

All Baathists aren't the enemy just like all Sadrists aren't the enemy. It is an easy thing to understand.

6:10 PM, April 03, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Those who consider the Ba'th Party to be anything but a criminal and racist methodology (note not ideology) are either pan-Arabists or are that na'ive as to think that re-Ba'thification of Iraq can bring about peace and stability. No to reconciliation with the Ba'th, no to appeasing Sunnis.

Hell yes to de-Ba'thification, including death sentences for all high-ranking members for the crime of membership. Because with that membership came the absolute realization that you were an important part of a genocidal regime.

Nibras, you're a secular liberal and that's admirable, but beware of the Sistani-types, they are as dangerous as the Sunni insurgents. And also remember that they (UIA) are not stupid because if they were stupid, then Ahmad Chalabi would have been the PM, if they were stupid, Ayad Allawi would be the PM now.

7:35 PM, April 03, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Jaguar Big Pimping,

Don't change the subject now by hitting on Nibras and calling him a "nice dude" or a "cute boy" or a "charming fellow", you are a terrorist supporter and you hate Iraq and Iraqis and you hate the imams as well.

Again, IF YOU WANT A WAHHABI CALIPHATE THEN FIGHT FOR IT IN YOUR OWN COUNTRY. Iraq is for Iraqis, not Jordanians, not Wahhabis, not sex perverts.

Your immoral resistance kills Iraqis by the dozen and is the true enemy of the Iraqi people. You cannot speak for the Shi'ite majority or for any Iraqi, you can only speak for yourself and your family and your fellow bearded SOBs in Tora Bora.

What the hell is a Nazarene? People from Nazareth? Yeah, there are tons in Iraq. Better to have 5 permanent US bases in Iraq than one family of pro-Saddam Jordanians or 1 foreign jihadist bent on murdering Iraqis.

"Annoying stuff like fly American flags"??? Boy are you kidding me? That justifies your resistance in committing mass murder? Americans can fly the flag of the New York Yankees or a banner with a middle finger on it and it won't be more annoying than Saddam's mass graves or your people blowing themselves up. Also, Americans in Iraq do not actually fly the American flag so this is a nonsense discussion. I guess you would know if you have ever been there, but the US soldiers are under orders not to do this to avoid looking like "conquerors". Again, it's not your country, you don't know anything about it, back to your cave.

7:32 AM, April 04, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I fly the American, I fly it.

Angela Martin

11:07 AM, April 04, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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