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Friday, September 14, 2007

Al-Baghdadi to Deliver New Speech

...So say the banners on the jihadist websites. Stay tuned. This would be his sixth speech; last one was released two months ago when he gave Iran a two month ultimatem to pull out of Iraq or else he will declare war.


Blogger SmartyJones said...

This is Al Bagdaddy talking to you from the bed.
A figment of Al Qaeda's creation. They finally figured out the best way to keep their top guy alive in Iraq is to keep a fictional one who can keep going and going.

He'll be leading their army of terrorists to victory in Iraq even as they continue to be eliminated at every turn.

And for the Iraqi people, one can only say good riddance.

10:03 PM, September 14, 2007

Blogger bg said...


HT : Gateway Pundit

Iraqi Sunni and Shia Surge Against Al Qaeda

New York Sun excerpt:

[That is the kind of terror he was facing. His actions taught Al Qaeda that its barbarity would only earn greater enmity from their new Sunni foes. With his newly found popularity, Sheikh Rishawi did not make the mistake of so many other Iraqi leaders who placed the interest of their sects over the good of the nation. He took steps in March to integrate his militia into the Shi'ia dominated government. On the day of his murder it was the Shi'ia led Interior Ministry that announced the Iraqi government would build a shrine to Sheikh Abu Risha on the road that leads to the Anbar Province.

The sheikh also made an impression on General Petraeus, who presented him with an Arabic version of Machiavelli's "The Prince" and yesterday called his murder a "terrible loss for Anbar and all of Iraq." We hear that Abu Risha privately told General Petraeus of his dream to lead an Arab army to the caves of Pakistan and the Mosques of Saudi Arabia to chase the enemy that Americans and so many Iraqis now share. That promise is the kind of thing that draws the laughter of the Democrats, but not of those who take this war seriously.

The sheikh from Anbar had his detractors. Sunni leaders who tolerated Al Qaeda and were once courted by the Central Intelligence Agency, such as Harith al Dhari, who called the sheikh a fraud. Among the sheikhs in Anbar he had his rivals, some of whom spread rumors about him to the foreign press. Abu Risha certainly meted out his own rough justice to terrorists who had enslaved so many Anbaris before the revolt. But the scenes of purple fingers and dancing voters will be but a memory if others do not continue the prince of Anbar's struggle for democratic polity.

There are, even in this tragedy, grounds for hope. Part of Abu Risha's genius was that he built an organization. Already the sheikh's advisers are planning to finish the work of fighting the death cults — both Sunni and increasingly Shi'ia — that seek to enslave Iraq. The legacy of these cults are hamlets and provinces where smokers get their fingers cut off, wives are forced to become comfort girls, and children are murdered in front of their parents. Abu Risha's rebellion was evidence that it is possible for the human spirit to triumph over evil. May his martyrdom strengthen our will here and in Iraq never to relent until our enemy is vanquished and liberty secured.]

Shia sheiks seek to expand Anbar model to southern Iraq

[Shia sheiks in southern Iraq on Saturday discussed creating a brigade of young men trained by the Americans to bolster local security as well as help patrol the border with Iran. The brigades would mirror the very successful al-Anbar model.

On Sunday, Shiite villagers in Jichan and Ghislayat fought back against the Al Qaeda killers until Iraqi security forces arrived on the scene to help them.]

with much of the credit going to Sheikh Sattar (may he rest in peace)..Iraqis are slowly but surely "uniting" in the fight against the mufsidun!! :+:


12:33 PM, September 16, 2007

Blogger bg said...



Sheikh Sattar assassin captured by US forces


[Less than one week after the assassination of Sheik Abdul Sattar Abu Risha, the leader of the movement fighting al Qaeda in Anbar province and beyond, US Special Forces captured one of his killers. Fallah Khalifa Hiyas Fayyas al-Jumayli, also known as Abu Khamis, was captured in a raid in al Qaeda safe houses west of Balad in Salahadin province along with three associates.

Al Qaeda in Iraq took credit for the assassination of Sheikh Sattar. But Sheikh Sattar was just one of al Qaeda's targets in Anbar province. "Intelligence reports indicate al-Jumayli is involved in a plot to kill key leaders in the tribal awakening," Multinational Forces West stated. "He is also reportedly responsible for car bomb and suicide vest attacks in Anbar Province, and is closely allied with senior al-Qaeda in Iraq leaders in the region."]

["The death of Sheik Abu Risha will not thwart us," said Sheik Majid Tahir al-Magsousi. "What matters to us is Iraq and its safety."

The Shia tribes began to organize after the murder of two provincial governors and last month's clash between the Mahdi Army and security forces in Karbala during a religious festival. Security forces, which are officially sanctioned by the Iraqi government, are being organized much like the Provincial Security Forces were in Anbar.]



6:59 PM, September 17, 2007

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