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Monday, October 29, 2007

Iraqi Army Liberates 8 out of 11 Abducted Diyala Sheikhs

This is from the usually very reliable Radio Sawa (text and audio in Arabic): a unit of the Iraqi Army managed to liberate eight out of the eleven sheikhs from Diyala Province who were abducted yesterday. At least seven of the sheikhs were Shiites and the rest Sunnis. The Army is claiming that it also killed four of the abductors. The identity and political affiliation of the abductors is still unknown.

According to the report, the abductors had contacted the families of some of the Shiite sheikhs in order to agree upon a ransom, but that these families refused any offer if it didn't also secure the release of the Sunni sheikhs.

This should be an interesting dynamic to whoever has been following the whole debate about the tribes: the tribes themselves couldn't release their sheikhs, whereas the Iraqi Army did.


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Video: Rescued Sheiks Meet Iraqi Generals

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[This has translated into local commanders finding remaining elements of al Qaeda operatives in communities, as well as record numbers of stockpiles of weapons. By next week, coalition forces in 2007 will have found double the number of weapons caches found in 2006, the admiral said.]

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["News reports about the finding of 20 decapitated bodies in the village of al-Qassirein, al-Khalis district, (15 km north of Baaquba) were groundless," said Maj. General Rubaie in statements to the independent news agency Voices of Iraq (VOI) on Monday.

Forces from the Iraqi army and police went to the village and conducted a thorough search but found no single corpse there, explained Rubaie.]


11:13 PM, October 31, 2007

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