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Thursday, April 23, 2009

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi Allegedly Captured

According to sources in the government, the man captured today is called "Ahmad 'Abid Ahmad Khamees al-Majma'i" (احمد عبد احمد خميس المجمعي). The Iraqi security services are saying that this man is "Abu Omar al-Baghdadi".

The first problem with this is that this man would not be able to claim a lineage from Quraysh, let alone descent from Hussein bin Ali, as Abu Omar al-Baghdadi does, which is a very big part of his appeal as "Prince of the Faithful" to the jihadists.

The Majama'a are a large tribal group in Diyala and in some pockets north of Baghdad. But they are certainly not part of Quraysh. However, many Majama'is joined the insurgency, and many were officers under the Saddam regime. Several Majama'a clans can be traced to Kurdish, Turkoman and Tatar ethnic ancestry.

Earlier, two names had been posed as possible identities for al-Baghdadi: Hamid al-Zawi and (my analyses) Khalid al-Mashhadani.

The picture released by Al-Arabiya TV is one associated with al-Zawi, and was not sanctioned by the Iraqi security services.

Abu Omar al-Baghdadi is important since he's supposed to be Islam's new caliph. However, his pivotal role in the world of jihad has been ignored by reporters and analysts alike.

UPDATE: it should be noted that there is a denial of the arrest posted on the Al-Faloja jihadist forum that other forum members are taking seriously. It is attributed to "Muharib al-Ansari" whose claims to be reporting from inside Iraq.


Blogger rutgurt said...

Im confused. Why does the leader of an Islamic State in the context of these Wahabi Al Qaida leaders require descendency from the 3rd Shia Imam Husayn? I understand Husayn is also respected by Sunnis in a non-divine humanly context, but im confused as to why they would put emphasis on the need for being a descendant of Husayn in order to lead an Islamic state?

An explanation would be much appreciated. I am not doubting this, I am just wondering why and am curious to know the reason.

6:08 AM, April 24, 2009

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Hi rutgurt,

Kindly go to the following link:


(PDF file)

And then go to page 13 where the section 'What's in a Pedigree?' begins. I hope that would answer your question...If not, then keep them coming!



6:56 AM, April 24, 2009

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