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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ignatius on Shahwani and Iranian Influence in Iraq

David Ignatius published a column in the Washington Post today under the title ‘Behind the Carnage in Baghdad’. It is so rife with disinformation and error that one is at a loss as to where to begin.

The premise of the column is that Gen. Mohammed Abdullah al-Shahwani, who was appointed by Amb. Jerry Bremer as head of the newly resurrected Iraqi National Intelligence Service (INIS) in 2003 while the Coalition Provisional Authority was still in place and who has recently submitted his resignation, was one of the last remaining bulwarks against Iranian hegemony in Iraq and that his absence from power is a grave setback for Iraq’s sovereignty. Missing from Ignatius’ narrative is the fact that Shahwani’s contract expired in May 2009; the CPA had included him among several security and financial officials who were guaranteed a five year contract to stay in their positions when sovereignty was handed over in 2004, and these appointments could only be annulled by a parliamentary majority.

Also missing from the narrative is that the dismantling of anti-Iranian intelligence bulwarks in Iraq was the doing of the Americans. First reported in a column here, the intelligence unit whose job it was to monitor Iranian movements inside Iraq and to conduct counter-espionage operations inside Iran and elsewhere against Iranian interests was disbanded in November 2008 by a decision taken by the Central Intelligence Agency. The unit was established even before the new INIS was cobbled together under Shahwani, and consisted of 25 former Iraqi intelligence officers with experience on Iranian issues, who were paired up with a like-number of CIA officers. The unit never grew beyond this size and was housed in a building separate (but adjacent) to the new INIS headquarters. Shahwani had absolutely no jurisdiction over this unit and was barred from reviewing its product. Whatever anti-Iranian successes can be attributed to this unit have nothing to do with Shahwani’s tenure as head of the INIS; it was fully independent and secretive, and the decision to dismantle it was not one taken by the Iraqi government.

This information hasn’t been reported on previously, and no reporters have looked into it.

Furthermore, the leadership and rank and file of the chief Iranian terrorist outfit in Iraq, the so-called ‘League of the Righteous’, are now being released as part of a deal brokered by the Americans and the Brits. Again, this decision had very little input from the Iraqi government.

Muhammed Shahwani

Shahwani, a native of Mosul with Afghan heritage, was a former pilot with the Iraqi Army who had very little background in intelligence work. His 1996 coup attempt in conjunction with the CIA, as reviewed in the documents of Saddam’s mukhaberat of which I have copies and had a hand in locating, reads like amateur hour. As his conduit to fellow conspirators in Baghdad, he chose an Egyptian national of dubious mental stability who went off and volunteered his services to Saddam’s spies after Shahwani recruited him. Tens of officers, including Shahwani’s three sons, were executed because of this foolish mistake. The 1996 fiasco should have gone down in history as one of the agency biggest f*ck-ups, but the CIA found no one more qualified to appoint as nominal figurehead of the INIS than Shahwani in 2003. Shahwani had left the Iraqi military in 1984 and left Iraq in 1990. From 2003 through to 2007, the CIA provided the annual budget of the INIS, which peaked at 80 million dollars a year.

Even when supposedly running the new IIS, Shahwani was mostly on leave for treatment in Amman, Jordan. Day to day management of the IIS was left to his chief aide, Zuheir al-Ghreibawi (identified as Zuheir Fadel in the Ignatius piece), another former pilot that Shahwani had recruited and likewise lacking in an intelligence background. In recent years, Ghreibawi has ingratiated himself with Maliki in order to secure Shahwani’s job when the latter’s contract was up. It is still far from certain that Ghreibawi will get the top job. Other serious contenders are Nouri al-Badran (estranged brother-in-law to Ayad Allawi and former Minister of Interior), Qasim Daoud (Gulf-backed MP who is now part of the new UIA), Najib al-Salihi (former Iraqi officer and opposition figure), Gen. Abdel-Aziz al-Kubaisi (current head of personnel at the Ministry of Defense) and Gen. Farouq al-Araji (Maliki’s chief military advisor). Maliki has discussed these names, and none of them can be pegged as Iranian acolytes.

Shahwani was primarily useful for the CIA in conducting political black-ops and rumor campaigns against Iraqi politicians that the agency found to be a nuisance. Shahwani was sighted arriving in London a couple of days ago, and at this time may be back in the US where his family resides.

As for the threats against the officers of the INIS, which number 2,400 and not 6,000as Ignatius claims, some are really emanating from Iran but most of the hits they have gotten came from the jihadists or from internal score-settling, as certain networks of the INIS got involved in organized crime cartels. The cases involving Ayad al-Ubeidi, Rejeb al-Mashhadani and Amer al-Hashimi (VP Tareq al-Hashimi’s brother) come to mind.

As for the claim that Maliki travels around in an Iranian jet with an Iranian crew, attributed by Ignatius to an “Iraqi intelligence source who is close to Shahwani,” well, that is blatantly untrue and can be easily checked. The source also claims the Iranians promised Maliki a near-parliamentary majority, which can only be chalked up to bombast.

There is Iranian influence in Iraq, just as there are U.S. and other regional actors who have a say. But over-stating Iranian influence is an exercise in malicious myth-making, geared towards papering over mistakes, policy failures and casting doubt on Iraq’s sovereignty, a thing that many of Iraq’s Sunni neighbors, with close ties to the CIA, would like to underline for a variety of purposes. I’d like Iraq to be completely devoid of regional influence, but that is a fantasy at this stage. Truth is, the general trajectory of foreign influence in Iraq in on the wane, which is great. Hey, I’ve always argued that the reverse should be true: a democratic Iraq should be actively meddling, through its security agencies, in the internal affairs of its neighbors, empowering dissidents and doing, y’know, other stuff. Let’s see what the future has in store in this regard; I’m optimistic that it will happen.

In the vein of myth-making, the same source tells Ignatius that, in five years, “Iraq will be a colony of Iran” absent American help. But only briefly, for the Martian landing is expected soon that will put an end to the human species.

Mr. Ignatius is sourced-up at Langley, and it may be a stretch, as some claim, that he has been used by the agency for its own myth-making purposes over the years. Be that as it is, Ignatius should call up his sources and ask them why was the anti-Iran unit shut down in November 2008? Did that count as the absence of “American help”? The CIA spin would likely be another round of “Iranian influence” and that would be yet another serving of hogwash: Maliki never envisioned having the authority to shut down the outfit. In 2007, when he toured the INIS building, he was only allowed to see the first three floors and barred from touring the rest of the facility. Even Shahwani wasn’t allowed to set foot in the anti-Iran unit building. That team was seen as untouchable, even though the paramilitary arm associated with the unit, the so-called ‘Dirty Brigade’ then under Gen. Fadhel Jamil Barwari, was involved in all sorts of ‘extracurricular’ crime and political score-settling against Iraqi politicians and was the subject of angry recriminations (Note: the ‘Dirty Brigade’ is now under Maliki’s control). But no one dared to go after the unit, and everyone was surprised when the Americans suddenly pulled the plug on it.

Irrespective of the excesses of the INIS, I liked the idea that Iraq had a bad-ass unit dedicated to stamping down on Iranian toes. But it was an American decision to disable it, not an Iraqi one. I’d like to hear some answers that attempt to make sense of that stupid decision. Getting those answers, rather than splattering spin across the WaPo’s editorial pages, should be the job of someone like Mr. Ignatius.


Blogger bg said...


thank you TG!! :+:


4:58 PM, August 25, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude, you are so self righteous that sometime you forget that you do not know everything. If you were an Iranian security guy, wouldn't you set your goal on infiltrating the "Dirty Brigade"?

If you were a CIA agent in charge, wouldn't you worry about Iranian infiltration and monitor all the Dirty Brigade.

You do not know everything and frankly to continue to accuse people whom you do not agree with of being incompetent.

Be humble a little bit and give the benefit of the doubt, every now and then. It may even make you a better analyst and even a politician sometime in the future.

12:42 AM, August 26, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

anonymous 12:42: what are you talking about man? u don't make any sense!

6:32 AM, August 26, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"dirty brigade" is a term coined by Iranian serving Iraqis because this unit went after anyone bad, regardless of ethnicity! anyone using this term is loyal to iran.

4:54 PM, August 26, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I worked as a consultant for the Baghdad International Airport zone and was in close contact with the Director of Baghdad Airport, the Director of Civil Aviation as well as the Deputy Minister of Transportation. All three confirmed that Maliki travels using an Iranian Airbus flown by an Iranian crew. They pointed out the plane to me. Were they all lying?

3:55 AM, August 29, 2009

Anonymous Faisal Kadri said...

I and many Iraqis believe that disbanding INIS/IIS without creating a replacement is a dumb act to the ninth degree, and maybe Iran's involvement in Iraq has evolved, maybe because money is tight and the effects of the Iranian elections debacle. And handing over the control of the "Dirty Brigade" to Maliki seems a bit bizarre but if it turns out that Maliki flies an Iranian jet then the decision will seem almost naive. I asked better informed sources, apparently it is true, Maliki prefers to fly an Iranian jet but some countries, like Egypt, refuse its entry. It is highly symbolic for an Iraqi prime minister to put so much trust in Iran, I think the Obama administration needs new consultants. And you are wrong, Nibras.

11:01 AM, August 29, 2009

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Dear Faisal and Anon (the contractor),

You are both right on the plane. I got this from a source: "But re: the jet, Maliki does fly in an Iranian jet with an Iranian crew. It is the big white Airbus that is usually parked on the lefthand apron as you approach the terminal. IRI gave the jet to the Iraqis and the Iraqis had no crew capable of flying it. The Iranian crew lives at the Rashid Hotel."

But another source claimed that Maliki only occassionally uses the plane, and since it was a gift from the Iranians, then the source asks if it such a big deal than why don't the Americans or the Europeans or even the Saudis give Iraq a plane and a crew as a gift?

So yes, I was wrong on this count, but am I also wrong about shutting down the INIS's anti-Iran unit by the CIA? Am I also wrong about releasing the Asaib Ahl Al-Haq leaders, another Coalition decision? Some folks at the agency and in the US bureaucracy have some embarassing mistakes to reveal before Congress and the media.

However that may be, I know that I am not wrong about the fact that some interested parties are maintaining a narrative of over-emphasizing Iran's influence in Iraq, which is devoid of substantiation. This is overstated, and it sometimes reeks of empty-headed sectarianism, which through clientitis infects American and British bureaucrats. My credibility on this and on other matters is for my long term readers to judge. I've made many enemies over the course of the years, and casting doubts on my loyalties is a childish game played by some when they are all of out of reasonable arguments.

Iraq's reality is Iraq's internal political balances. Regional meddling cancels itself out, and can never tip the balance one way or another. Thinking that it can, to my mind, is gullible and simplistic.



2:38 PM, August 29, 2009

Anonymous Anonymous said...

With regard to your claim that Shahwani bungled the coup against Saddam, I was chatting with a friend of mine who was intimately involved in the coup. He claims that it was your buddy Ahmad Chalabi who spoiled the coup by leaking it to Saddam because he was pissed he was not part of it.

He also claims that you are mistaken about the Iran section of the Iraqi intel agency. He claims it still exists.

2:26 AM, August 30, 2009

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Dear anonymous,

Your friend is feeding you BS and disinformation. This friend probably thinks that you will in turn do your utmost to act as a fig leaf for the agency on this blog. The copies of the Iraqi mukhaberat files, and the investigation report that was sent to Saddam, are in my possession. I also got to see the originals, and I facilitated their handover from the person who had first snatched them out of the regime's archives. Blaming Chalabi is easy, and when done anonymously it is also cowardly, but it doesn't change irrefutable fact: the INC learnt from its sources inside the mukhaberat at the time that the CIA-Allawi-Shahwani operation was compromised, and Chalabi went to the director of the CIA at the time (...Deutch (sp?), Tenet was his deputy) and told them that the cover was blown. All this is already in the public record. Tenet made a career of finding convenient scapegoats for his failures and pushing his talking points on gullible activist reporters, and it is frankly boring and unimaginative that those same hackneyed tricks are still being employed by the bureaucracy that Tenet had shaped.

The files reveal that it was the person who Shahwani recruited as a conduit who first went to the mukhaberat and alerted them that a coup conspiracy is on. The files get into all the relevant details, and what happened to the conduit later on.

As for the Iran section, it was shut down in November 2008, and all 25 staff were told to go home or leave the country for their own safety. I am certain of this information, and I'm sure it will leak out in the next round of internal CIA recriminations.



6:09 PM, August 30, 2009

Anonymous Faisal Kadri said...

I am a long term reader but I always separated the information from the personality, I wasn't interested in your loyalties until now.
Your first source said "IRI gave the jet to the Iraqis", I guess what he/she meant is loaned until the Iraqi presidential aircraft is fixed. The aircraft flies the Iranian flag and has Iranian crews and this is a big deal. Your second source seems to be an Iranian apologist; it is preposterous to compare the (generosity) of the Iranians with that of the Americans or the Europeans. I don't like to adopt the same tone of your source but I would like to offer a scenario built on the same logic: The Iranians return the many military Iraqi aircrafts sent by Saddam but because we don't have pilots, and let's not ask who killed them, they send them with pilots! Wei wei, how generous!
"Regional meddling cancels itself out" works like the cold war era, when smaller nations balanced one superpower against the other in order to gain small advantage and carve political ground as in the positive neutrality movement, it assumes a role of skillful patriotic broker for the rulers of the small countries. When the prime minister flies the aircraft of a meddling country he is no longer patriotic nor skillful. Maliki should return the Iranian aircraft immediately if he wants to run in the election on a patriotic platform, or he should join the new alliance and keep it.

11:05 AM, August 31, 2009

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Dear Faisal,

So now that you have started to become aware of my loyalties, would you mind telling us where you think they lie? This is very important for me; once you state your opinion, then I will have a clearer sense of my self.



2:49 PM, August 31, 2009

Anonymous Faisal Kadri said...


You will probably not like what I say.

For the most part, I would say 75%, your rhetoric comes across as sincere and optimistic loyal to Iraq and sensitive to U.S. interests and concerns. You are impulsive, many Americans don't like that, but to Iraqis that's a sign of courage.
For the remaining 25%, your second source is probably an apologist for Iran and you came across as a sympathiser, which tells me that you may have divided loyalty.
I know you are a Shia and your family is leftist from the time of the monarchy, but you got to understand that you will never rise as a leader of your sect or of the Iraqi communist party, in other word you don't need to show them loyalty. You need to show 75% empathy with Baathists and Sunnis if you want to enter Iraqi politics as a nonsectarian, and what I see is zero.

8:48 AM, September 01, 2009

Blogger bg said...


Faisal Kadri @ 8:48 AM

and who do you think you are, Lucy??


10:31 AM, September 01, 2009

Anonymous Faisal Kadri said...

Good one bg,

At least I got my first client, thank you Nibras, I start charging a dime for consultation, eat your heart out bg.

Seriously now, who do I think I am? I am a known entity and I have a message: UN run census and elections for Iraq. In simple terms, I am convinced that there are no political parties in Iraq; there are only tribes who call themselves political parties, with one exception. And you cannot depend on a ruling tribe to discipline its members and be fair and inclusive with the other tribes, Iraq needs the UN in order to start the tradition of self discipline and inclusive democracy.

4:27 AM, September 02, 2009

Blogger bg said...


no, the UN needs Iraq more
than Iraq needs the UN..

the UN who saw fit to leave a maddaS in power in exchange for kick backs is the last thing Iraq needs..

the UN is a disgrace, just ask the Rwandans,
Sudanese, or Darfurians, Haitians, etc..

[and i wouldn't worry about that tribal warfare stuff, Obama's working on constructing the same system here in the US..]


9:07 AM, September 02, 2009

Anonymous Free Quark said...

Faisel Kadri;

Neither the UN nor any outside party can instill self discipline into anyone. This is a character trait that must be wanted and initiated by the individual.

8:42 AM, September 03, 2009

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Dear Faisal,

Hmmmm, pegging me as an Iran apologist is bewildering, since I'm under the impression that I would be arrested on the border if I try to enter Iranian territory. But maybe it is all in my mind, or maybe the Iranians have been reading what I've been saying about them over the last five years. But the "Iran apologist" label seems to be a convenient way for some, whatever their agendas, to taint all Shias. Problem is --and I wonder how it would factor into your reasoning -- I'm half Sunni. And not just any kind of Sunni, but from a quite the Sunni religious family.

And what is 75% empathy? I don't follow your complex math. Sorry, but there is almost no empathy in me for Ba'athism, and I doubt that I'd ever sacrifice this most closely held belief for the sake of political expediency. As it is, I resigned from politics five years ago, after spending seven years working with the Iraqi opposition. I have very little interest at this stage of my life to re-enter politics; my passion, I've found, is to defeat the bad gyus: jihadists, autocrats, organized crime ...etc, across the Middle East.

Furthermore, secularism is not defined by being soft on Ba'athists. You may be out of touch with the rage the vast majority of Iraqis still hold against the Ba'ath Party and its legacy. Neither does the Ba'ath equal Sunnism; I'd say that that is a Ba'athist talking point to rally supporters.

As for you being a known quantity, excuse me for being ignorant of your persona. I simply don't know who you are and I haven't heard of you before you started commenting on this blog.

All the best,


11:14 AM, September 03, 2009

Anonymous Faisal Kadri said...

Dear Nibras,

I am not pegging you as an Iran apologist, you are doing a fine job of it all by yourself. Your second source is, and you come across as a sympathizer. Moreover, if your source didn't find sympathy in you then he/she wouldn't confide in you. Agreeing with an opinion that compares Iranian generosity with that of the U.S. is a dumb political mistake on your part, specially when the U.S. was so generous to you, if you can't get this point then you are not very smart. And neither you nor all your sources count for the Shias.
As for being half Sunni, this doesn't factor in the loyalty argument, I think neither the Sunnis nor the Shias need your loyalty. Whichever way you show your loyalty will be for your own advantage/disadvantage.
The "complex" math is to explain that you should defend the right of Sunnis and Baathist to participate in the political process without agreeing with Saddam's practices; in your entry of August 15 you praised the triumphal poetry "We will never give it up.." The poetry came across as expressing your own sentiment. Such an attitude is OK for a poet but not for an intelligence source such as you, it shows readiness for exclusive democracy. Democracy is not an exclusive party with participation by selective invitation.
You say that you have no empathy with Baathism; you don't have to, and you don't empathize with ideas, you empathize with people.
I am pleased that you don't know me, I am out of your focus of intelligence circle.

6:28 PM, September 07, 2009

Blogger Nibras Kazimi نبراس الكاظمي said...

Dear Faisal,

I really cannot follow your reasoning. You are right, I am not very smart, certainly not enough to make sense of your cleverness and insight. The best course of action for me is to let you be, pontificating at leisure, on the comments section.

But just to clarify, I don't give much thought to Ba'athist ideas. To me the Ba'athists were a criminal organization, as evidenced by a long litany of crimes, and their ideology was superfluous to their essential goal, which was to hold on to power. I'd say that this approach of mine is borne out of a long-ish time spent actually fighting the Ba'athists and bringing them down, and viewing first-hand what actions they catalogued in their archives.

But it goes without saying, you know better. Enjoy commenting.



7:41 PM, September 07, 2009

Blogger bg said...


not to worry TG..

your readers are brighter & more discerning than
the occasional psychoanalytical "know it nots"..

they're just good little followers
of ObamAlinsky's rule #12.. :D


8:16 PM, September 07, 2009

Anonymous S.Evans said...

Iran and Iraq have conflicting foreign interests. As a result there will ALWAYS be friction between the two nations until they can agree to disagree on the Shi'ia/Sunni split and otherwise cooperate without recrimination or old sores being opened.

Of course this isn't necessarily in the interests of the United States itself, so breaking up an Iraqi intelligence unit dedicated to peering inside the Iranian skull would be a logical strategic move for the US.

I find the most disturbing elements of our (the US's) foreign policy to be an almost unstated policy of making sure our enemies are also each others enemies so we needn't ever confront them. Our proxy wars against the Soviet Union resulted in many deaths, and only by the slimmest of margins did we prevent that conflict from escalating into direct conflict and then nuclear conflict.

No matter Iran's intentions with respect to atomic (not thermonuclear) weapons, they'll never be able to put to rest the distrust of the West, even if they allowed a UN inspector to live with every nuclear scientist they have. Fortunately I have a weather gauge for that. One of my former professors, in fact one of the best of the best, went back to Iran and helped father that nations computer revolution by creating a Farsi based operating system and user applications. If he returns to the United States then I will KNOW things have seriously gone to shit over there. Until then I'm chalking a great deal of what's been said at least in the Western press up to their inability to understand the history of the region or the differences in the cultures.

The return of Persia to the world stage is something the US very much does NOT want to see, and yet it is all but inevitable if the Republic part of "Islamic Republic" is allowed to flourish. If instead it is strangled in its crib by Mullahs who need external enemies to stay in power, then there will never be peace between Iran and Iraq.

1:27 PM, January 05, 2010

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